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Blokkadebrekers vallen IDF soldaten aan !! Het ware verhaal zonder leugens.

Graag ieders gebed, dat het duidelijk wordt dat Israel het volste recht heeft illegale immigratie te verhinderen en als  deze illegalen, die zich bewust  verschuilen achter kinderen en  parlementariers, zich dan met wapens als pistolen en messen verzetten, hebben de IDF soldaten alle recht zich te verdedigen en  dienen ze te zorgen dat de situatie onder controle komt.

Dit is vooraf  bedacht als provocatie, de blokkadebrekers zijn vooraf gewaarschuwd en dat er nu doden en gewonden zijn, ook onder de IDF soldaten, is geheel de verantwoording van de provocateurs.
Het schijnheilige gedoe van de VN en diverse landen , die Israel veroordelen, is  een gotspe !


Protesters attack with guns and knives, Israel Regrets 10 dead

Injured Evacuated to Israeli hospitals

Stats and Facts on Israeli Humanitarian Aid Transfers to Gaza
First Hand Testimony of Israeli Journalist Who Accompanied the Israeli Naval Commandos

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said in a press conference on Monday (May 31) regarding the Turkish-led flotilla that:
“The armada of hate and violence in support of Hamas terror organization was a premeditated and outrageous provocation.

“The organizers are well known for their ties with global Jihad, al-Qaeda and Hamas. They have a history of arms smuggling and deadly terror.

“On board the ship we found weapons prepared in advance and used against our forces. The organizers intent was violent, their method was violent and the results were unfortunately violent. Israel regrets any loss of life and did everything to avoid this outcome.”[1]

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak expressed regret for loss of live, but said that the flotilla was a provocation sponsored by extremists who support a terrorist organization.[2]
At least seven Israeli soldiers were injures, two are in critical condition reportedly when protestors opened fire on them after stealing their weapons.[3] “Live fire was used against our forces. They initiated the violence, that’s 100% clear,” said Israeli Government Spokesman Mark Regev in an interview with the BBC.[4] Israeli soldiers were attacked by extremists with live ammunition, axes, metal rods and blunt instruments while trying to take control of six ships en route to Gaza. Audrey Bomse, a spokesperson for the Free Gaza movement, said in an interview with the BBC “I cannot say for sure if there were weapons on the ship.”[5]

Video: Violent protestors attacking Israeli navy personnel with clubs as they board a flotilla ship

In 2005, Israel withdrew from all of Gaza. Israel relocated thousands of Israeli citizens and soldiers from Gaza in hopes that it would help jump-start the process towards a two state solution.[6] However, Iran-backed Hamas seized Gaza from the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah movement in a bloody coup and established its own government there in June 2007.[7] Since Israel’s withdrawal from the territory, Hamas has fired more than 6,500 rockets and mortars into Israel.[8]
Israel imposed a naval blockade on Gaza after Hamas violently overthrew Fatah in 2007.[9] Said Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs legal expert Sarah Weiss Maudi, “The Hamas regime has bombarded Israeli communities in Israel, Israeli civilians in Israel, with weapons that are smuggled to Gaza by various routes, and one of these routes is the sea. Under international law a maritime blockade is a recognized and legitimate tool that can be used during an armed conflict.”[10]
Iran-backed Hamas continues to smuggle weapons into Gaza and uses building supplies delivered there to construct fortified bunkers.[11] Israel appealed to the convoy of ships – carrying more than 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid – to dock in Israel’s southern port of Ashdod so its humanitarian supplies can be delivered by Israel through the Gaza border crossing after they are checked for dangerous materials.[12]
Video: Navy Warns Flotilla that Boats are Entering Coastal Waters Under Naval Blockade, Ships Invited to Dock in Ashdod Where Aid can be Delivered to Gaza by Land Crossings

Israeli Government Spokesman Mark Regev released a statement on May 27: “They call themselves human rights activists, but they remain silent when it comes to Hamas’ deliberate targeting of Israeli civilians and the brutalities of the Hamas regime in Gaza, which has crushed political opposition, suppressed independent media and has locked up hundreds of political opponents.”[13]
A statement issued by the IDF states that the people on board the ship had clearly prepared their weapons in advance for the purposes of attacking the Israeli forces.[14]
“We fully intend to go to Gaza regardless of any intimidation or threats of violence against us,” said flotilla organizer Huwaida Arraf. “They are going to have to forcefully stop us.”[15]
At least 10 of the extremists aboard the ship were killed in the struggle between them and the IDF forces. [16]

Video: Israeli Navy Commander Vice Admiral Eliezer Marom Briefs Forces, Says Israeli Navy has no Intention of Harming Civilians Onboard Flotilla Ships

The flotilla of ships which was trying to reach Gaza was organized by IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi – “humanitarian relief fund”), a Turkish aid foundation which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Free Gaza, which describes itself as a human rights group.[17]
The IHH has known links to global jihadi networks, openly supports Iran-backed Hamas and maintains close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood movement, a global umbrella Islamic organization of which Hamas is a branch, as well as mujahideen groups in Afghanistan.[18]
Stats and Facts on Israeli Humanitarian Aid Transfers to Gaza

Unless otherwise indicated, all information is from “Behind the Headlines: The Israeli humanitarian lifeline to Gaza,” Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, May 25, 2010,

1. Humanitarian Aid

In 2009, more than 738,000 tons of food and supplies entered Gaza. Pictures in local newspapers show local markets aplenty with fruit, vegetables, cheese, spices, bread and meat to feed 1.4 million Gazans. The total amount of aid transferred from Israel to Gaza in 2009 increased by 180 percent, compared to the amount transferred 2008.[19]
From Jan – May 8, 2010, 230,690 tons of humanitarian aid was transferred from Israel into Gaza through the Israel-Gaza goods crossings. This included medical supplies, milk powder and baby food, meat, chicken, fish, grains, legumes, oil, flour, salt, sugar, fresh vegetables and dairy products as well as animal feed, hygiene products and clothes.[20]
At holiday times, Israel increases transfers. During the Muslim holy days of Ramadan and Eid al-Adha, Israel shipped some 11,000 head of cattle into Gaza.
2. Maintaining Medical Aid for All in Need

The Medical Corridor:

In 2009 alone, 10,544 patients and their companions left the Gaza Strip for medical treatment in Israel. Moreover, there were 382 emergency evacuations from Gaza for medical purposes.
The Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem donates $3 million in aid annually to treat Palestinians in Israel.
Following fears of a swine flu outbreak, three Israeli hospitals were assigned to treat cases in the Gaza Strip and 44,500 immunizations were transferred to the Strip.
Since 2005, Palestinians exploited medical care arrangements more than 20 times to carry out terror attacks.
Medical Equipment:

In 2009, some 4,883 tons of medical equipment and medicine were brought in.
In the first quarter of 2010, Israel shipped 152 trucks of medical supplies and equipment into Gaza.
In 2009, Israel coordinated the transfer of medical supplies for the disabled including wheelchairs, crutches and first aid kits. Other equipment shipped to Gaza include heart-monitors, baby feeding tubes, dental equipment, medical books, ambulance emergency equipment, artificial limbs and infant sleeping bags.
4. Quality of Life in Gaza

Projected life expectancy in the Gaza Strip (2010) is 73.86, greater than Estonia, Malaysia, Jamaica and Bulgaria.
The infant mortality rate in Gaza is 17.71 per 1000, better than that of China, Jordan, Lebanon and Thailand.

Israel transfers school equipment supplied by UNRWA including notebooks, school bags, writing implements and textbooks.
Israel is currently coordinating the transfer of 200,000 laptops for Gaza schoolchildren.
In the first quarter of 2010, Israel transferred 250 trucks with equipment for the UNWRA summer camp, including arts-and-crafts equipment, swimming pools, inflatable toys, ice cream machines, musical instruments, clothing, sports quipment.
3. Building for the Future: Infrastructure and Economic Aid

Building Materials:

While the import of cement and iron has been restricted into Gaza since these are used by the Hamas to cast rockets and bunkers, monitored imports of truckloads of cement, iron, and building supplies such as wood and windows are regularly coordinated with international parties. Already in the first quarter of 2010, 23 tons of iron and 25 tons of cement were transferred to the Gaza Strip.
On 13 May 2010, Israel allowed approximately 39 tons of building material into Gaza to help rebuild a damaged hospital. The construction material for al Quds hospital was transferred after safeguards in place and French assurances ensured that the construction material would not be diverted elsewhere.
On 24 May 2010, Israel opened Kerem crossing to 97 trucks loaded with aid and goods, including six trucks holding 250 tons of cement and one truck loaded with five tons of iron for projects executed and operated by UNRWA.

As noted by a UN report of May 2010, 120 Megawatts (over 70 percent) of the Strips’ electricity supply comes from the Israeli electric grid, while 17 MWs come from Egypt and 30 MWs are produced by the Gaza city power station. Since January 2010, there has been deterioration in the supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip since the Hamas regime is unwilling to purchase the fuel to run the Gaza City power station.
Throughout 2009, Israel transferred 41 trucks of equipment for the maintenance of Gaza’s electricity grid.
Israel facilitates the transfer of fuel through the border, and maintains that the diversion of fuel from domestic power generators to other uses is wholly a Hamas decision. Over 133 million liters of fuel entered Gaza from Israel over the last 18 months.

During the first quarter of 2010, the UN coordinated with Israel the transfer of equipment for UNWRA to upgrade the sewage pumping station. In 2009, 127 trucks containing more than 3,000 tons of hypochlorite entered the Gaza Strip for water purification purposes. Moreover, 48 trucks of equipment for improving the sanitation infrastructure led to a substantial reduction in the Beit Lahya facility’s waste levels.

Primary exports from Gaza are cut flowers and citrus, with trade partners being Israel, Egypt and the West Bank. During 2009, 7.5 million tons of flowers and 54 tons of strawberries were exported from Gaza with Israeli cooperation.
In 2009, 1.1 billion shekels (about $250 million) was transferred to the Gaza Strip for the ongoing activity of international organizations and to pay the salaries of Palestinian Authority workers.

[1] “LIVE: Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla,” BBC, May 31, 2010,

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olume-13—2007/volume-13–issue-5–june-2007/hamas-coup-in-gaza; “Hamas takes full control of Gaza,” BBC, June 15, 2007,

[8] IDF Spokesperson’s Unit communiqué, Jan. 3, 2009.

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[20] “Increased humanitarian aid to Gaza after IDF operation,” Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, May 8, 2010,

The Israel Project is an international non-profit organization devoted to educating the press and the public about Israel while promoting security, freedom and peace. The Israel Project provides journalists, leaders and opinion-makers accurate information about Israel. The Israel Project is not related to any government or government agency.

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9 Responses to Blokkadebrekers vallen IDF soldaten aan !! Het ware verhaal zonder leugens.

  1. Dit was een bewuste provocatie.
    Ja het is gelukt om rotzooi te schoppen. de wereld kijkt weer naar en veroordeelt Israel.
    Israel staat echter volkomen in zijn recht tegen deze terreur op te treden en ik hoop dat de Israelische soldaten snel zullen herstellen.

    aan alle lezers.

  2. Werkelijk ongelooflijk hoe de waarheid schaamteloos verdraaid wordt door de mainstream media en zogenaamde ‘wereld leiders’. In nagenoeg alle mainstream media wordt gesproken over een aanval van de IDF op ongewapende onschuldige burgers die slechts hulpgoederen wouden brengen aan Gaza. Zelfs na het vrijgeven van de video’s door de Israelische regering waarop duidelijk en zonder ruimte voor discussie te zien is hoe de IDF militairen genadeloos worden aangevallen door de opvarenden. Pas nadat een militair bewusteloos geslagen is met een metalen stang, zijn wapen afgepakt en in zee gegooid werd is besloten over te gaan tot zelfverdediging met live ammunition. Het betrof hier geen onschuldige burgers maar geharde activisten die opzettelijkt de confrontatie opgezocht hebben, gesteund door een organisatie die sympathiseert met Hamas, hezbollah en andere terroristische organisaties.

  3. Op 1 juni 2010 @ 18:29 schreef angela


    stuur ook een kaartje ter bemoediging naar de israelisch ambassade
    buitenhof 47
    2513 ah den haag

    • Op 1 juni 2010 @ 18:46 schreef torayeshadmin


      Van harte eens en vermeld er “ ” bij, zodat Israel ervaart, dat we achter hen staan.
      Am Israel chai,

  4. Op 1 juni 2010 @ 19:59 schreef Richard


    Beste Ben Kok,

    Gaarne ter informatieve aanvulling n.a.v. deze gebeurtenissen met wat ik in de afgelopen 24 uur via het internet heb kunnen plukken.

    De Turkse vredesterroristen zingen een gezellig lied voor hun vertrek naar de vrienden van Hamas. “Khaibar Khaibar oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!”

    Refererend aan de volgende genocidale slachting:

    Nog meer recentelijk nieuws: ‘Gaza-konvooi organisatie heeft banden met Al-Qaida’.

    Met de bovengenoemde gegevens kan het nog duidelijker worden van wie- en waaruit de provocatie is begonnen.

    Ik schaam mij steeds dieper en dieper dat een deel van mijn belastingcenten wordt gebruikt om Israel voortdurend via allerlei kanalen op dagelijkse basis geweldadig te bestoken. Hierbij mijn oprechte excuses en vraag (maar weet dat ik die ontvang) vergiffenis hiervoor. Voor mijn oprecht bedoelde onschuld hieraan kan ik slechts een keer per vier jaar mijn steentje aan bijdragen en weet dus wat ik volgende week in het stemhokje moet ‘rood’ kleuren.

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    • Op 1 juni 2010 @ 20:41 schreef torayeshadmin


      Hi Richard, dank voor de info, zo steun je in elke geval het openbaren van de waarheid en morgen is er een unieke nieuwe kans, zie dan deze website,

  5. shalom allen.
    wee hen die tsion haten.
    Er komt absoluut ook over nederland een oordeel van DE EEUWIGE.
    Waar blijven de kerken? de christelijke omroepen?
    De zgn.chr partijen?
    Huilen al;lemaal mee met de wolven in het bos der antizionisten.
    Dank Ben ,voor het feit dat jij nog steeds op de bres staat voor ons geliefd Israel.


    Allen shalom in YESHUA HAMASSJIACH,.


  6. Op 2 juni 2010 @ 14:25 schreef Maarten


    hoe is het mogelijk dat een zo duidelijk verhaal, waarin alles gefilmt is en duidelijk is dat een groepje terroristen Israel erin heeft geluist nog niet door de media en politiek wordt opgepakt?
    dat kan alleen maar door blinde satanische haat.
    naast de juiste informatie verspreiden is het allerbelangrijkste te bidden voor Israel, het gaat nog zwaar voor haar worden.

  7. Op 2 juni 2010 @ 19:37 schreef Richard


    Ter aanvulling:

    Elsevier schrijft vandaagt: ‘Nederlandse anti-Israël-activist is kopstuk van Hamas’

    Richard: ‘”Nederlandse” anti-Israël-activist is kopstuk van Hamas’

    Als wij onze wetten zouden handhaven dan dient dit persoon (op papier een Nederlander maar in dienst van een vreemde ‘leger’) bij binnenkomst in Nederland als terrorist (of landverrader) te worden opgepakt, gedenaturaliseerd en teruggestuurd te worden naar zijn heilzame HAMAS vrienden in de Gaza.

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