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How to order Brandnew movie on DVD "Islam and truth" 60 minutes! International editon, Dutch spoken,subtitled in 6 languages.

Ordering brandnew movie on DVD “Islam and truth” 50  minutes! Since  early november available as international version, Dutch spoken in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian.

We are very glad with the publications about our movie on  English webogs and all others of course as well!
So here the ordering instructions for the English version, how to get this DVD with a lot more truth about Islam than most people knew untill now.

If  you support us with a gift (10 euro or 15 $ helps us a lot to pay most of the bills, if enough people are asking for this DVD) which comes from your heart, as big or as small as you really want to give to help us explaining the truth about islam, we send you the DVD as soon as it is ready in the English version undertitled , with Spanish, French, Italian, German as well. We are working on Hebrew and Arabic and those languages will be available on this website, if they are not on the DVD in time.
Of course, in case we have to send the DVD to countries outside the EU, we have to ask you to add the costs of sending the package to your gift.

Recorded in High Def., professionnally recorded and edited, with international known people as  ex-moslim from Somalie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (was  a Dutch  member of parliament),  ex-moslim from Iran, prof. dr. Afshin Elian, prof. dr  Hans Jansen (arabist) on one side and on the other side pro-islam people as dr. Soltan (Bahrein) and dr. Soltani (Egypt), both teachers of islam.

Several ex-moslims from Iran, Belgium, Dutch member of parliament Kees van der Staay (leader christian party), sjeik  Jneid Fawaz  (imam of As Soenna mosque in The Hague, so both,the anti  and pro-islam people are giving their opinion.
You can discover the real purpose of Islam; we do hope it will be of great help for moslims in the first place and for all non-moslims as well!
Of course you can come up with all your questions on, hope to see  you here!

Ben Kok (jewish-christian pastor)

So send us your financial support as it is in your heart to this bankaccount, add your name and adress if possible and send  your name and adress , just to be sure, as well  to our website (“contact”)  and mention in your mail the amount of money you send, so that we are sure we send this DVD to the right  person.

Bankaccount:  6199795    St.Gospel Proclaiming Media ,  Amersfoort, The Netherlands

for all other countries: add  IBAN en BIC code
IBAN: NL42INGB0006199795

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8 Responses to How to order Brandnew movie on DVD "Islam and truth" 60 minutes! International editon, Dutch spoken,subtitled in 6 languages.

  1. Op 9 juni 2010 @ 16:16 schreef Richard


    Die wil ik in mijn verzameling!

    • Op 9 juni 2010 @ 16:41 schreef torayeshadmin


      Hi Richard, dat kan, gewoon een gift overmaken en er bij vermelden “Engelstalige DVD”
      Maar hij is nog lang niet klaar, alleen de Nederlandse is beschikbaar.

  2. Ik zou graag de NL DVD over de islam willen hebben.
    Hoeveel kost hij en waar moet ik het naar overmaken?

    Gods zegen

  3. Ik heb het gelijk overgemaakt.
    Gods rijke zegen :)

  4. Hi Ben,

    Zoals je gemerkt zult hebben, heb ik een gift overgemaakt.
    Zou je mij een exemplaar van de DVD toe kunnen sturen?
    Ik weet niet of je mijn adres hebt?

    En nog gefeliciteerd met de overwinning van Geert!
    Wat een afgang hè, die Balk!
    God heeft gesproken is mijn overtuiging.

    Groet cornelia

  5. Op 29 juni 2010 @ 15:30 schreef Observor


    What does Jewish Christian mean? You can’t be both!

    • Op 29 juni 2010 @ 17:24 schreef torayeshadmin


      Hi Observor; every christian is a jewish-christian.
      Because we are as goyim engrafted in the olivetree, by Yeshua and actually more Jewish than anything else.
      Yeshua taught us in Matthew 5:17 and further to keep the Tora.
      The churches have done very wrong by their antisemitism since the fourth century untill today.

      Ben Kok (jewish-christian pastor)

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