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Schokkend antisemitisme in Parijs, zie video !

French Protesters Chant “Jews Out of France” [VIDEO]

In a video that is both deeply upsetting and disturbing, an estimated 17,000 people marched along a Paris street chanting ‘anti-establishment’ slogans and making the quenelle gesture

By: Daniel Koren
Published: January 30th, 2014 in News » World

Amid reports that anti-Semitism is continuously on the rise in France – as is the number of those leaving the country to make aliyah – a chilling video taken on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day captures a protest attended by some 17,000 Parisians, chanting disturbingly anti-Semitic statements.

“Jews, France is not yours!” “Jews out of France” and “The story of the gas chambers is bull***!” were all among what protesters yelled as they chanted in unison. At one point they simply yelled “Jew, Jew, Jew.”
Many of the protesters also demonstrate the infamous quenelle symbol, which continues to make headlines since it was popularized by anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala.

Both French-born athletes Tony Parker and Nicolas Anelka have been captured on photo making the gesture, though they respectively later addressed the issue, with Parker apologizing immediately.

The gesture, though Dieudonne has expressed is only ‘anti-establishment’ and not anti-Semitic, has since been adopted by radical Muslim terrorists, anti-Semites, and other extremist organizations. Many have been seen making the gesture in front of synagogues, and historical locations where Jewish people were murdered, including Auschwitz, and the school in Toulouse where a terrorist murdered a rabbi and three Jewish children.

Dieudonne himself has a long history with anti-Semitism, charged eight times by the French government for hateful and anti-Semitic behaviour, notably, at his comedy shows where he’s attracted a large following.

The rally was part of a ‘Day of Anger,’ with French police estimating approximately 17,000 in attendance. 250 were arrested, and 19 police officers were injured. In addition to the anti-Semitic slurs, they can also be seen singing a song called ‘Shoananas,’ which was composed by Dieudonne, and mocks the Holocaust.

Mijn commentaar:

We zien hoe hard het nodig is, om de Joodse gemeenschap en Israel te steunen, het is verschrikkelijk voor Joden om dit na de shoa te moeten meemaken, dat is werkelijk onvoorstelbaar.
Zoek contact met Joodse mensen in uw omgeving en laat weten, dat we in liefde naast hen staan en dit soort gekte niet zullen accepteren.
Zoals u wellicht hebt gelezen, hebben we daar als Tora-Yeshua gemeentes  recent blijk van gegeven, zie

Graag uw gebed voor alle Joden wereldwijd, dat ze onze steun als bemoediging van JHWH ervaren en dat ze Hem zoeken als de Enige, die ons allen redden kan, zoals Hij bewees in Zijn komst in Yeshua ha Mashiach.

Ben Kok (joods-chr. pastor)

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  1. Niet vergeten dat in Frankrijk voor al goddelozen regeren; na de revolutie. of the Katholieke kerk die ook daar nog steeds machtigd zijn die zijn van af het begin antie joods, en antie Jezus Christus.

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