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Sanhedrin wil 3e tempel bouwen met moslims en christenen.

Sanhedrin Calls on Arabs to Take Their Role in Third Temple as Prophesied by Isaiah


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Dust clouds of camels shall cover you, Dromedaries of Midian and Ephah. They all shall come from Sheba; They shall bear gold and frankincense, And shall herald the glories of Hashem. Isaiah 60:6 (The Israel Bible™)

A model of the Temple. Photo:

The nascent Sanhedrin, a Biblically mandated court of 71 elders, released a letter in Hebrew, English and Arabic inviting the Arabs as the sons of Ishmael to take their role in supporting the Third Temple as prophesied by Isaiah. This move is far more than symbolic. It is intended to bring the entire world one step closer to the global peace that will characterize the Messianic era.

The letter reads:

“Dear brothers, the distinguished Sons of Ishmael, The great Arab nation,

“With the gracious help of the protector and Savior of Israel, Creator of the world by covenant, we declare that the footsteps of Messiah are evidently heard and that the time has come to rebuild the Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem in its ancient place.”

“We, the Jews who advocate building of the Temple, are applying to your Honorable ones, who were nominated by their peoples to give oath, raise vows and gifts to the Temple as prophesied by prophet Isaiah concerning your essential role and honorable position in keeping the Temple and supporting it with lamb sacrifices and incense in order to receive God’s Blessings.”

Raise your eyes and look about: They have all gathered and come to you. Your sons shall be brought from afar, Your daughters like babes on shoulders. As you behold, you will glow; Your heart will throb and thrill— For the wealth of the sea shall pass on to you, The riches of nations shall flow to you. Dust clouds of camels shall cover you, Dromedaries of Midian and Ephah. They all shall come from Sheba; They shall bear gold and frankincense, And shall herald the glories of Hashem. Isaiah 60:4-6

“By virtue of this, we are certain that you will choose peaceful means and avoid all paths to hostility and violence. And we are sure that together we shall open doors to love and respect.”

The letter was signed by 23 respected Rabbis who have received smicha (Rabbinic ordination) for the purpose of re-establishing the Sanhedrin. The rabbis are in the process of acquiring signatures of the full quorum of 71, after which they will send the letter to major Arab institutions and leaders. They hope to hold a conference with Arabs.

Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, a member of the Sanhedrin who signed the letter, felt it will serve to be an important bridge to the other nations.

“The Jews are commanded to be a nation of priests,” Rabbi Hollander told Breaking Israel News, citing a verse in Exodus.

But you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words that you shall speak to the children of Yisrael.” Exodus 19:6

“We are to be of service to the whole world in connecting to Hashem,” Rabbi Hollander continued.

“This is our purpose in life as Jews. The Sanhedrin is inviting them to benefit from this since the Temple is good for the whole world. This universal aspect is essential to what the Temple is; a house for all nations.”

I will bring them to My sacred mount And let them rejoice in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices Shall be welcome on My mizbayach; For My House shall be called A house of prayer for all peoples.” Isaiah 56:7

“Of course, for us to serve, the other people need to cooperate,” Rabbi Hollander added.

Rabbi Aharon Yitzchak Shtern, a member of the Sanhedrin who is prominent in the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) community, believes the time for such a declaration including the Arabs in the Third Temple is at hand.

“This is precisely what it seems to be: a simple move towards true peace, ” Rabbi Shtern told Breaking Israel News. “Geula (redemption) is very near. It can either come in war and hardship, or it can come in peace and mercy. We are inviting the B’nei Yishmael to choose peace and godliness.”

The rabbi explained that should the quoted Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon Zalman, a foremost Jewish authority from the 18th century known as the “Vilna Gaon.”

“If a single sacrifice is brought in the Third Temple,” Rabbi Shtern said, quoting the Vilna Gaon. “The shofar announcing the Messiah will already start to blow.”

“Until now, there has not been a place for Jews to have peace, for non-Jews among themselves to have peace,” Rabbi Shtern said. “Every religion has a belief in moshiach (Messiah), in an end to one reality and the beginning of a new reality. In this new reality, every person, every religion, has their place and their purpose.”  (vet is door red. tora-yeshua toegevoegd)

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman of the Sanhedrin, explained that motives that led to the Sanhedrin writing the letter.

“The letter is not asking for monetary support,” Rabbi Weiss stressed to Breaking Israel News. “The Sanhedrin is not asking for permission from foreign governments or from the Israeli government. Building the Temple is not political or legal. It is a mitzvah (Torah commandment) incumbent upon the Jews.”

Rabbi Weiss noted that the invitation was not a political maneuver or even a religious imperative.

“The letter does not reach out to other religions because of their belief but rather because of their ancestral role as the Children of Esau and the Children of Ishmael,” Rabbi Weiss said. “We are asking them to be prepared to take their part in serving God.”


Mijn commentaar:

Orthodoxe Israelieten, die Yeshua als valse Mashiach afwijzen, willen een tempel bouwen met inbreng en hulp van moslims en christenen, om tenslotte samen JHWH te dienen?
Ik ben het boek van Mark Biltz over de kenmerken van de antichrist in de 3 monotheïstische religies aan het lezen, daar kom ik in dit verband later op terug.
Een gezamenlijke tempel is al eerder in gesprek tussen orthodoxe Joden en moslims aan de orde geweest.
Het is dus oppassen geblazen, welke kant gaat dit op?

Laten we bidden voor geestelijk onderscheid om tot een op feiten en Bijbels inzicht gebaseerde conclusie te komen.
De christenen worden slechts indirect genoemd, zie vet gemaakt gedeelte) de uitnodigende brief is gericht aan de Arabische buren/moslims.
Zoals gezegd, wordt vervolgd.

Ben Kok (joods-chr. pastor)

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5 Responses to Sanhedrin wil 3e tempel bouwen met moslims en christenen.

  1. Nou dat klopt toch ?? De antichrist zit al klaar ….

    • Hi Corrie,
      Precies, daar waarschuw ik voor, vlieg er niet in, daarna komt JHWH in de gestalte van Yeshua,

    • Hi Corrie,
      Precies, daar waarschuw ik voor, vlieg er niet in, daarna komt JHWH in de gestalte van Yeshua,

  2. Op 10 april 2019 @ 23:27 schreef Kees van Kesteren


    Er komt nu van alles in mijn gedachten, maar laat ik me niet misleiden door wereldse en de gebruikelijke negatieve situaties.

    Ik zal God tijdens mijn gebeden intens verzoeken, dit plan heel snel in de prullenbak te deponeren!

    • Hi Kees, onze hemelse Vader weet wat Hij toestaat en heeft e.e.a. in de Bijbelse profetie geopenbaard, zo ook een tempel, waarin de antichrist zich laat vereren.
      Met de komst van de echte Mashiach er na, Hij zal korte metten maken met deze antichrist.

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